Staff Spotlight: Meet Kayla

When Kayla first entered the program at EWI in 2017 she said she immediately knew she wanted a job and wanted to do something important. Over the past couple of years here, she has developed positive relationships among her peers and staff alike so it made for an easy transition when Kayla joined the staff of EWI recently. Kayla said about her job at EWI that “working with the different groups and individuals is her favorite part of the job because everyone is unique.” Her mother Kim shares that in addition to her self-confidence increasing during her time here, she has blossomed since acquiring her position as part of the staff.  “She is as happy as can be and talks about what she does daily.”  Kim also noted that in the past, she would awaken Kayla each morning but since she started her job, Kayla wakes up on her own and gets ready “as every teacher would”.
Kayla has been a welcomed addition to the staff here and is well respected among the individuals and staff. She is always willing to do her part, whether providing positive direction to others, lending her voice to the EWI choir, or “getting into character” to give a needed laugh. We are so glad that she is part of the Eagles’ Wings team.

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